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Resuming of Western Union Services

We apologize for closing our doors to all Western Union customers for such a long time.
We have finally come to resuming our services starting on November 21st (Monday) from 9AM to 12PM.
Although a short time frame, we hope all that are in need of international money transfer service will
come back to GOODWORK.

Regarding our PAYOUT service, we do require all our customers to call us 3days in advance to
reserve the PAYOUT service.  There is a good chance that we will not have enough cash on hand
all the time and a reservation will make sure that you can receive your money.

Please refer to the Western Union website for more detailed information.

Here is a link to the Western Union website.

Click the above to access Western Union website

FREE McDonalds Gift Card

As we are resuming our services, we are also giving out free
McDonalds 500 Yen Gift Cards to those who use the MONEY IN MINUTES service.

Please note that in order to receive the free 500YEN gift card, you must send more than
50,001JPY to the 14 countries *1 or 100,001JPY to any other country, and we only give one card per person.
This service will end once we are out of Gift Cards or by December 27th 2022.

We apologize in advance that this does not apply to DIRECT to BANK or MOBILE MONEY TRANSFER.

Access to GOODWORK

Our Western Union Service

As mentioned above, we will commence with resuming our Western Union services starting
from 9AM tomorrow November 21st (Monday).

At the moment we are only going to be providing services until 12PM noon on
Monday to Friday (excluding holidays).
Our business hours may change in the future, but for the time being, it will
be as above.

For the PAYOUT service, reservations in advance will be necessary.
When reserving a PAYOUT service, please call us in advance and
provide us with the MTCN number (the unique transaction number),
your name, and the amount you are expected to receive.
Reservations must be made 3 days in advance or we may not
be able to accommodate you according to the amount.

Please confirm with the Western Union website the necessary documents needed
to complete transactions (ie. Valid Passport, Foreign registration, My Number card, other forms
of photo ID).

Without the complete information of the receiver in another country,
we may not be able to accommodate you.

Please call us in advance before using our Western Union Services.
We may not be providing services or stop services unannounced.